My Favourites From 2020

2020 has been a hard year for everyone. It's also been a hard year for food blogging. The food shortages during the lockdowns has made it more difficult to source certain ingredients. Specialist ingredients but also basic things like flour and yeast have been difficult to keep a stock of. 

But it's still been an enjoyable year of food for me. I feel lucky that we never ran short like so many have this year. Providing food for my family is a comfort to me and it feels stressful when that is challenged.

This post is a look back at my favourites from 2020.

The sausage in this soup is delicious and I had trouble leaving it be while I made the rest of the dish. Warming, tasty and made green by kale so it's healthy too.

Chargrilled and pink from the marinade, this spicy chicken was great in sandwiches and again the next day in a salad. We loved it.

This unusual dish is made up of french fries mixed with bacon and eggs. It was hearty, comforting and delicious!

Soup filling enough to give a bride the energy she needs to get through her wedding day. We really enjoyed this warming soup, it was simple but filling with a delicious lemony flavour to it.

This seemed like a simple stew but the addition of the cheese chunks is genius. Eaten alongside the stew (or dunked in) it transforms the taste of this dish from good to delicious. We really enjoyed it.

I'm including this as a favourite because although it wasn't the tastiest of the year's foods, it was one of the most unusual. Which is one of the reasons I enjoy my blog so much, I love trying something a bit different. This carrot sweet was syrupy and surprisingly nice.

That's it from me this year. I'm going to take the rest of December to enjoy the run up to Christmas and make some festive treats for my family. I'll be back in the New Year to carry on with my journey through America.

I hope you all have a great Christmas, we've all earned it this year for sure. Enjoy the food, enjoy your family and have fun.

Merry Christmas,

Emma x