Saturday, June 9, 2018

Streat Food Festival 2018

For the last 3 years my town has held a Streat Food Festival. A gathering of street food vendors from all over the UK selling a wide range of foods. Needless to say I love it. Not only do they have food but also fairground rides and street entertainers. There's a great atmosphere for families.

This year the venue changed to a bigger place so there was even more food sellers to look around. I was at a disadvantage this year because I'm just getting over a knee injury. I had to settle myself at a picnic table and watch the world go by while JD perused the stalls for me.

He made some great choices on my behalf :D

I started off with a Chicken Shawrama wrap from a Lebanese stall. It was great, lots of spicy chicken and crunchy veg with a lovely creamy sauce running through it.

Next, JD brought me a Yorkshire pudding wrap filled with roast beef, veg and gravy. It was really good, they'd managed to seal the yorkshire pudding really well so it wasn't messy to eat. 

To finish off with something sweet I requested a chimney cake from the Chimney Chicks stall. These pastry cones are baked whilst being slowly rotated then filled with cream, fruit and ice cream. There are all kinds of flavours, mine was coconut and mango. It was beautiful. These cakes come from Budapest in Hungary and I'm glad they've travelled as far as the UK so I can try one.

Erin had pizza and chips followed by a massive ice cream.

JD picked out a Chicken and Halloumi Gyro from a Greek stall. It looked great.

 Followed by a Classic Falafel Wrap.

 He also couldn't resist one of the ice creams.

It was a beautiful sunny day and it was great to see so many people out enjoying the festival. Hopefully next year I won't be on crutches so I can properly look round. It's one of the highlights of my year! :D
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