Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Honduras - Baleada

Baleadas are made using flour tortillas which i absolutely love. I often fill mine with tuna, cheese, or butter beans for lunch. They're fantastic with most things in! No wonder this dish is popular in Honduras, I can see it being popular in my house too ^_^


* 2 flour tortillas
* sour cream
* feta cheese
* refried beans

Heat the beans in a pan.

Place some of the beans on half the tortilla, crumble feta on top and then dribble some sour cream on top of that.

Fold the tortilla up however you want to eat it and dig in!

This was such an easy food to make! I really enjoy recipes with only a few ingredients that taste really good together which is just what this Baleada is. The warm beans and the salty feta were fantastic together. Delicious ^_^

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