Thursday, July 29, 2010

Syria - Tabbouleh

I've only ever had Tabbouleh with couscous and I found this recipe for a Syrian Tabbouleh made from bulgur wheat, which I've never had. Plus I've grown some mint in my garden I wanted to use!


* 1/4 cup Bulgur Wheat
* 1 tsp paprika
* juice of 2 lemons
* 1/2 tsp salt
* 3 spring onions
* 2 tomatoes
* bunch of parsley
* bunch of mint
* half a cucumber
* 1/4 of a white cabbage (plus some to serve)
* 1 cup of olive oil
* pitta bread to serve

Put the bulgur wheat in a bowl or jug. Add the juice of the 2 lemons and stir in well. Add the salt and paprika, stir again and refridgerate for 2 hours.

Chop the cucumber, tomato, spring onions and cabbage into small cubes. Add chopped mint and parsley and combine well.

Mix in the bulgur wheat mixture and add the olive oil too. Mix well and serve on cabbage leaves with pitta bread. You can add salt, pepper and more lemon juice to taste if you want to.

This looked really good served on the cabbage leaves. I ate some like that and also ate some inside the pitta bread which was really nice too. It's easy to make and tastes summery. It'd be nice to eat with meat from a barbecue. Yum!
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