Saturday, July 7, 2018

Local Pastries and Sweets

I'm not always making foods from around the world. Sometimes I'm just buying foods other people have made and eating them. I'm lucky that there are quite a few nice deli type shops around here selling fresh pastries of different kinds.


These large pastries are from a Polish shop called Magic Meat close to my house. The front one is poppy seed and cottage cheese. The rear one is rose jam and cottage cheese. The cottage cheese in these pastries is smooth and tastes almost like ricotta cheese. They're delicious!

These Portuguese custard tarts (Pastéis de Nata) are lovely, not as similar to British custard tarts as you might think. The pastry is layered and buttery but quite brittle with almost a crunch to it. The custard inside is smooth and creamy. I got them from a deli called Santar.


Also from Santar I bought these cute little cannoli. Both with a hazelnut chocolate filling. They look so good I can never resist buying at least a couple. The pastry was perfectly crisp and satisfying to bite into.


Just a short bus journey away there's a Scandanavian cafe which sells fresh pastries to take away. I chose a Cinnamon bun and a Skolebrød to try. The cinnamon bun was as you'd expect, light, bready with a delicious cinnamon paste running through it. You can get them warmed up on a cold day. The Skolebrød is a cardamom flavoured sweet bread roll filled with custard and finished off with desicated coconut. It's really good, I'm quite the fan of custard in a pastry.

I hope you don't think I ate all these pastries at once. I totally could if I wanted to but I actually had these treats over a few months time period. I won't judge you if you rush out to try them all today. :D