Thursday, April 18, 2019

Hungary - Fröccs

Fröccs is a spritzer drink imbibed commonly in Hungary which is made up of  wine and soda water. According to this guide and many like it there are lots of variations and strengths of Fröccs. We went for the Long Step measurements of 1 part wine to 2 parts soda water. We are alcohol lightweights after all.


Soda Water

Make up your  Fröccs according to preference from the chart. Our Fröccs looks suspiciously like water in the picture but I assure you it had wine in there.

It's a refreshing drink, I can imagine it being lovely to drink on a hot summers day. The fizz from the soda water is nice too. We made a special trip to our local wine warehouse to source some Hungarian wine. Not being a wine expert though it tasted pretty much the same as all other wine I've tried. So I wasn't that keen. But now we've tried wine the Hungarian way :)

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