Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Bosnia and Herzegovina - Sarma

Bosnia and Herzegovina is a country in south-east Europe. I picked this dish and immediately regretted it. I don't know why but I feel it's doomed to failure!


1 onion
1/3 cup rice
500g minced beef
1 teaspoon paprika
1 cabbage
300ml beef stock
Salt & pepper

Put the mince, rice, chopped onion, paprika, salt & pepper in a bowl and smush it all together with your hands.

Carefully detach the cabbage leaves keeping them as intact as possible. Now spoon some mixture into the cabbage leaves and fold/roll them up as tightly as you can.

Place the rolls in a pan making sure to pack them in tightly together. I added a splash of vinegar to the top because in Bosnia and Herzegovina they use a sour cabbage I couldn't get.

Make up the stock and pour it over the rolls. Cover and simmer for 2-3 hours.

 Serve with boiled potatoes with butter and sour cream.

Hah, it worked out! I was surprised how well the recipe worked because I've had some disasters before with similar rolled foods not holding together properly and the insides spewing out. These were perfect, the mince had formed a solid meatball inside the cabbage leaf so it all held it's shape. The taste was meaty but without a trace of the paprika. The cabbage leaves were soft and had taken on the flavour of the stock. It was a nice meal together with the potatoes and sour cream.

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