Monday, April 6, 2015

The Netherlands - Stamppot

I decided to make this traditional Dutch dish because JD requested something with vegetables in it due to a few days of over-indulging. Stamppot translates as Mash Pot in English which describes the method of making it.


Butternut squash
Sweet potatoes
Salt & pepper
Smoked sausages

Those are the vegetables I chose but you could include others depending on what you have/like.

 Peel and chop all the vegetables. Thanks for helping, JD!

 Slice then fry the sausages.

Cover the vegetables with boiling water and simmer until they are soft. About 20 minutes.

Drain and mash the vegetables. Don't mash them too much they should still be chunky but mashed a bit too. Add the butter (as much as you like), parsley, salt and pepper. Garnish with the smoked sausage slices.

This dish was fantastic, one of the best meals we've had for this blog. All the vegetables mashed together gave a variety of flavours with each bite and the sausage complimented the vegetables perfectly. JD enjoyed having so many different vegetables in one dish. We were sad we hadn't made more of it but looked forward to having it again another day. It's a lovely, comforting, reasonably healthy, cheap and simple food to make. We loved it. :D

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