Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Eritrea - Kitcha Fit-Fit

Eritrea is an African country bordering the Red Sea. They drink a lot of coffee and even perform a coffee ceremony when they have visitors. Kitcha Fit-Fit is a commonly eaten snack in Eritrea.


3-4 Taita (recipe here -->
1 tsp Berbere (recipe here -->
1 Lemon
1/4 Cup of oil
1 Garlic clove
1/2 Cup of yoghurt

 Break the taita flatbreads into small pieces.

 Mix the berbere spice mix with the minced garlic, juiced lemon and the oil.

 Mix together and leave covered for about an hour.

 Serve with yoghurt to dip in.

This was like nothing I've tried before. The spices were a nice flavour but were somewhat cooled by dipping the taita pieces in yoghurt. The strange thing about it was the texture of the bread, it was a bit swollen by the oil and soft to eat. It looks drier in the picture (and more appetising) and in the original picture I found it looks like the bread is crispy or fried.

We ate it and enjoyed trying something new but it was unsatisfying somehow. It's seems a clever way to spice up a plain flatbread anyway. :)

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