Monday, October 20, 2014

Lithuania - Potato Sausages

This recipe appealed to me because I've never made sausages before and potato filled sausages seem really different. I wanted to make potato dumplings which are popular in Lithuania but they take a long time to make and I'm pressed for time lately. :)


1 onion
1 tsp marjoram
Salt & pepper
Sausage skins

We got the sausage skins from Amazon and they came dried in salt. We had to soak them overnight and then they unfurled into a loooong riciculously thin tube. It seemed impossible that we'd stuff them with anything and I felt worried the sausages wouldn't work out.

 Chop the onion.

 Peel and grate the potatoes.

 Chop the bacon and saute it in a pan with the onion.

 Add everything together in a bowl with the marjoram, salt & pepper.

 Mix that shit up.

 Stuffing the sausages is simultaneously gross and hilarious. You have to somehow hold open the skin and poke the stuffing in. Knotting the slippery skins at the ends is the trickiest part but we managed it.

 Place in a dish with 1/2 inch of water and bake at 180C until the sausages are browned. It was about 40 minutes for ours.

 We ate ours dipped in sour cream.

We felt really pleased to have made our own sausages. The sausages browned well and smelled really appetising as they were cooking. The bacon gave a lovely flavour to the potato which went well with sour cream. The sausages broke apart as we cut them up to eat which made them hard to keep on your fork which was less satisfying than meat sausages. They worked out a lot better than we'd thought though so we were pleased to have tried them. They seem like a great (and much cheaper) alternative to meat sausages. We're looking forward to trying making some other sausages now we have plenty skins left. Chicken and stuffing sausages are first on our hit list :D

Next week: Couscous de Timbuktu from Mali

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