Monday, January 20, 2014

Slovakia - Segedin Goulash

This pork goulash looks great for the cold weather we've been having. It also has sauerkraut in it which both JD and I love :)


4 Pork chops
1/2 jar of Sauerkraut
Small tub of Sour cream
1/2 tsp Caraway seeds
Knob of Butter
1 Onion
1 tsp Paprika
Salt and pepper
1-3 tbls Flour

Chop up the onion.

Saute the onion in the butter.

 Cube up the pork into bite sized pieces and add it to the onion along with 1 tsp of paprika, 1/2 tsp of carraway seeds, salt and pepper.

 Mix well and continue to cook until the pork is done.

 Add sauerkraut and enough water to cover the goulash.

 Cover and simmer for an hour adding water if needed.

 Use 1-3 tablespoons of flour to thicken the goulash.

Add a small pot of sour cream and mix in while it heats through.

 Serve with Steamed Dumplings using this recipe. Mine didn't rise and were a bit dense but we ate some anyway :D

The recipe I used was a bit vague so I felt I was guessing at quantities of everything and it didn't really make enough for four people. Luckily the kids didn't want to try it. The pork was delicious, really tender and full of flavour. We were a bit disappointed that the sauerkraut didn't really add much to it, in fact it had mostly boiled down when it was simmering. The goulash sauce was the best thing and was great mopped up with bread buns. I'd try it again but add more sauerkraut I think.

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