Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Norway - Svinekoteletter

This dish has a very impressive Norwegian name but it's actually a very simple dish of pork chops cooked in cider. JD's quite fond of pork chops so this dish seems like a winner for us to try :)


Pork chops
10oz of cider
1 cup of stock

I love recipes with only a few ingredients!!

 Slice up the onion.

 Saute it in some oil.

 Add the pork chops and continue to saute until they're browned on the outside.

Add the stock and cider.

 Cover and simmer for 30 minutes.

 I uncovered it for the last 5 minutes so the sauce would thicken a bit. I also added some mixed herbs and black pepper.

Another suprisingly tasty dish! The sauce was really delicious. Everyone but Erin really enjoyed it. The cider and onions together made an interesting savoury flavour that I enjoyed very much. thanks Norway for making a dish that's so easy to make and tastes fantastic. Next time I make it I want to do tons more onions as that was my favourite part of it.

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  1. Also make sure to include a slice of bread on the side to mop up the rest of the delicious gravy.


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