Saturday, June 18, 2011

Portugal - Francesinha

This dish consists of a mixed meat sandwich covered in melted cheese and a tomato based sauce. It seems really decadent so I'm looking forward to it!


* 2 slices of bread
* 1 bottle of beer
* smoked sausage
* smoked ham
* 1 beef steak
* sliced cheese
* passata

First heat up the passata in a pan and add half of the beer.

Start to assemble the sandwich by placing a slice of bread in a dish and add a slice of smoked ham.

Slice the smoked sausage and add that to the sandwich.

Cook the steak and add that to the sandwich.

Top with the other slice of bread and cover with cheese slices. My recipe said to microwave to melt the cheese but since I don't have a microwave I grilled it and that worked out well too.

Pour over the passata/beer sauce and serve. The portugese usually serve their Francesinha with french fries on the side but the sandwich seemed filling enough on it's own to me.

It was different to eat a sandwich with a knife and fork but very enjoyable. I'm not usually a fan of beer but it was a nice addition to the passata and complimented the meats well. It was a really tasty sandwich variety and I'd definitely try it again with some alternative meat combinations like other regions of Portugal do.

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