Saturday, October 2, 2010

Vietnam - Bánh Mì Sandwich

I found this recipe on a site listing the best street foods in the world. It looks great and I love trying new sandwich fillings.


* A petit baguette or portion of a large one
* Mayonnaise
* Soy sauce
* Spiced cooked chicken (or any spiced cooked meat)
* Cucumber
* Coriander
* Jalepeno pepper
* Radishes (recipe actually wanted daikon but this was as close as I could get)

Cut open the baguette lengthways and spread mayonnaise generously on one side.

Pour some soy sauce on the other side of the baguette.

Put sliced cucumber on one side and the chicken (or your choice of meat) on the other side.

Add sliced radishes and chopped coriander.

Add as many slices of jalepeno pepper as you like.

Put the halves of baguette back together and cut in half to serve.

Yum! It was very tasty. The salty soy sauce was a really nice addition to the sandwich and the mayonnaise stopped the peppers from getting too hot. A really nice balance in a sandwich.

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