Friday, August 6, 2010

Taiwan - Dan-Bin

I'm not sure what time of the day this is eaten in Taiwan but it looks like good breakfast food to me. So, I made it this morning for my late breakfast.


* 1 slice of bacon
* 1 egg
* 1 corn tortilla
* 1/4 cup sweetcorn
* 1 tbls salsa
* hot sauce to serve

Fry the bacon in a pan.

Set it aside for later on some kitchen paper.

Beat the egg and pour it into the pan with the bacon fat. Add the sweetcorn.

Put the corn tortilla in the pan and press down onto the egg/sweetcorn mix.

The egg will attach itself to the tortilla after a couple of minutes. Tip the tortilla out onto a plate.

Lay the bacon across the middle of the tortilla.

Spoon the salsa along the bacon.

Wrap up the tortilla.

Splash over some hot sauce to serve. It is also sometimes cut up into pieces and served that way too.

It was really delicious, the hot sauce was nice and spicy but not too hot because of the egg and salsa. I was pleased with how easily the egg attached onto the tortilla. It's a tasty breakfast and easy to make anytime.

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