Sunday, March 21, 2010

Belgium - Gentse Waterzooi

Gentse Waterzooi is a stew that takes it's name from Ghent, a city in Belgium and Zooien, meaning 'to boil'.


* 2 courgettes
* 2 carrots
* 1 stick of celery
* 2 leeks
* 2 onions
* 24 small potatoes
* 4 chicken breasts
* 2 litres vegetable stock
* 2 egg yolks
* 400 ml single cream
* 1 bunch parsley
* pepper
* salt
* 100g margarine
* 100g flour

First, chop all the vegetables up into small pieces and boil them for 5 minutes in the vegetable stock.

Remove the vegetables from the stock and set them aside.

Next, cut the chicken breasts into pieces and poach them in the vegetable stock for 20 minutes.

While the chicken is poaching, peel, chop and cook the potatoes in slightly salted water. Drain and set aside.

Now you can start layering up the dish. Add the cooked vegetables to the bowl.

Then add the cooked potatoes on top.

When the chicken is done, add that on top too.

Now it's time to make the sauce. I put the dish in the oven to keep the vegetables and chicken warm while I made it. In a pan melt the butter then add the flour and mix to form a paste. Then slowly add the stock a bit at a time making sure to mix until it's smooth each time. Add the egg yolks, cream, salt and pepper and stir until smooth.

Pour the sauce over the vegetables and chicken then garnish with some chopped parsley.

It was really delicious. I liked that the same stock was used to cook the vegetables, poach the chicken and make the sauce. It really showed in the taste of the final dish. It's the first stew I've had using white sauce instead of the traditional brown gravy we use here in the UK, I'd definitely make it again.

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